Front End Fundraiser: Saratoga Code Blue Shelter

We are proud to be supporting the Saratoga Code Blue Shelter this January and February 2016 as our Front End Fundraiser.

About Code Blue: Code Blue is a walk-in, emergency homeless shelter in Saratoga Springs that offers a hot meal and a warm and safe place to sleep when temperatures in the city are below 20 degrees or there is significant snow fall. The shelter is currently housed at the Saratoga Springs Salvation Army building at 27 Woodlawn Ave, two streets west of Broadway.  It is supported by the city and community organizations, funded by donations and grants, and staffed by volunteers.

The shelter season extends from November 15 through mid March, and during that period a ‘Code Blue’ call to open the shelter is announced based on the weather forecast for the coming days. The homepage of the Code Blue web-site and the Code Blue Facebook page will indicate the current status of the shelter.

The shelter welcomes all homeless individuals without restrictions or qualifications, providing beds, shower opportunities, supper and breakfast for adult men and women. Arrangements can be made for families with children. The shelter opens at 7:00 pm and closes in the morning at 8:30.

Code Blue ShelterRegister Donations: We will be accepting cash donations at our registers during the months of January 2016 and February 2016. Just tell your friendly cashier that you want to help. Donate from $1.00 to whatever you can afford. Every dollar helps.

Tablings: Code Blue staff will table three times during the months of January and February. They will be onsite at our store raising awareness for their program and will be accepting food donations at their table.

Volunteers Needed: The Code Blue Shelter is always looking for volunteers. Find out the process of signing up and training here. We are going to have our Staff volunteer over the Winter and help out at the shelter. We look forward to providing some helping hands.

Donation Bags: We had an amazing amount of support last month for our Wilton Food Pantry donation bags. Since the Code Blue Shelter is always looking for food donations we thought it would be a great idea to create some $10 and $20 donation bags for them. These bags will be full of shelf stable items that will be useful to the Code Blue Shelter like peanut butter, pasta, etc.