Front End Fundraiser: The Brave Will Foundation

For the month of October we are proud to be supporting The Brave Will Foundation 

Since 2009, the Brave Will Foundation has been a driving force in the commitment to pediatric palliative care efforts in the Greater Capital Region of New York.

The simplest way to state what our efforts accomplish is to say that we provide hope. Hope can come in a variety of ways that may not always be recognized when you think of children who are battling life threatening illnesses.

Regardless of the diagnosis and outcome, hope can always be the one constant that can drive a family to steer onward and ensure that life is lived with no regrets.


The goals of the foundation include:

  • Financial support for the Journeys Program at Albany Medical Center: This program provides pediatric palliative care support for children with disease that greatly risks their chance of survival. This support also extends to family members.
  • SOAR Program: The program provides funding for families on the first anniversary of a child’s passing. SOAR allows families to spend that anniversary day doing something memorable with the entire family in honor of their child.
  • Inpatient Pediatric Hospice Facility at Albany Medical Center: The foundation has been working with Albany Medical Center administration to secure space in the children’s hospital for an inpatient pediatric hospice facility. The facility would allow families to spend time with a child during the final days at the hospital, but do so in an experience that is unlike any other that the hospital currently can provide.

Give their Facebook page a like! Your support is greatly appreciated!