Front End Fundraiser: Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

We’re proud to support the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program this February and March as our Front End Fundraiser!

Moving is never easy. At best it’s a stressful inconvenience and a hassle, even if you’re only moving down the block, and it always seems to take so much time to unpack and make your new home feel like home. (But once it does, man does it feel good, right?)

Now imagine moving to a new country. Imagine you’re leaving the only place you’ve ever called “home” because it has become inhospitable, possibly even dangerous, and all of your belongings can fit into just a couple of bags. Imagine what it must take to make this new place feel like home.

This is the unpleasant reality many refugees and new Americans experience. Thankfully, there are organizations like Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program which work for the health and betterment of living conditions for refugees and new Americans, helping them reach their new home faster. Their organization works with individuals and families, providing them with necessary assistance as they settle in Vermont, offering furnishings for apartments and things like basic kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, and personal supplies to get them started. How can they provide their clients with these essential items? ENTIRELY through the generous donations of people like you! So now imagine this: being the person responsible for providing that home feeling to an individual or family who so urgently needs it!

Here are three ways you can help:

Register Donations: We will be accepting cash donations at our registers throughout February 2016. Just tell your friendly cashier that you want to help! Donate $1, $5, or whatever amount you can afford- every dollar helps!

Product Donations: The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program is always looking for donations of essential household items. These include everything from shower curtains to laundry baskets to telephones to blankets to can openers, and pretty much everything in-between.

Volunteer: The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program is also always looking for volunteers! Opportunities abound for mentoring, teaching, providing transportation, setting up homes, and more!

For more information on the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, including a complete list of household items to donate and ways to volunteer, check out their website at and thank you for your help!