Get Inspired: Attend a Learning Center Class!

Attending a Learning Center class is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile and can finally say I have! As a recent LC attendee (and instant fan) I’m here to tell you these classes are not something to put on the back burner- make them a priority! After the class I felt SO inspired, I immediately texted four friends and invited them over for dinner this week so I can teach and cook them everything I learned.

I took part in ‘Cooking and Baking with Olive Oil’ which began with Chef Instructor, Nina Lesser-Goldsmith explaining the difference between certain olive oils, how to cook with them, where to store them and so much more! She is a wealth of knowledge in the kitchen and her passion and enthusiasm about cooking is contagious—everyone in the class had such a great time and left inspired to cook with olive oil!

Nina starts with a demonstration of the first dish on the menu, and then you and a partner go back to a station and re-create what you’ve just learned. This is repeated for each menu item—it’s a really great class structure because it allows you to use all five senses and really learn and, more importantly, remember how to tackle the recipes!

We started by making a Citrus Olive Oil Cake- if you have not tried Olive Oil Cake you must make it now! The olive oil keeps the cake incredibly moist and gives it delicious richness. Next we made garlic and herb infused olive oil marinade for roasted red peppers, feta and assorted olives- it was so delicious and simple and will make the perfect picnic lunch or BBQ side dish this summer!

Next up we made polenta, which I had always been too afraid to make but it was SO easy and versatile! Like rice or pasta it takes on the flavor of the ingredients you add- we added a Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Sauce which was out of this world delicious! Lastly, we made grilled bruschetta with smoked mozzarella and an arugula, walnut pesto…wait, what? My thoughts exactly- I had never made pesto before and had always purchased classic basil and pine nut pesto but NEVER again. Pesto is so easy to make and so easy to change up the ingredients—Nina suggested a spinach and almond pesto which is on my list of things to do and I guarantee you this one won’t take me as long to get around to as attending a Learning Center class (which I’m attending more of in the coming weeks)!


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