Get To Know Your Local Eggs

Have you wondered about the local eggs at Healthy Living Saratoga? Curious about the farm from which they come and the health and happiness of the hardworking chickens?  I ran a farm which produced meat, eggs and dairy for many years and as the Lead Buyer of Refrigerated/Frozen products for Healthy Living,  I love to provide information about the wonderful local farmers who provide our amazing eggs.

Sunset Farm – Argyle, NY

Jeff and Cathy McMurry own and operate Sunset Farm, a wonderful farm 25 miles northeast of the store.  What in 2006 was a one-acre farm has now turned into a beautiful 80-acre farm where the McMurry’s produce meat and eggs for local stores like us and the farmers market.  Jeff and Cathy (alongside many other family members!) have very happy free-range chickens who are fed a no-soy diet.  These chickens are not pastured but certainly have ample space in which to move and live as well as immaculate and spacious barns.


Hidden Camp Farm – Canajoharie, NY

Hidden Camp Farm, owned and operated by the amazing King Family, is located 48 miles west of the store.  Founded in 2009, Hidden Camp is a lush and stunning 140-acre farm that produces eggs, raw milk, and organic  turkeys.  Their raw milk is used to produce the amazing yogurts from Maple Hill Creamery– how coolis that local partnership?!  The chickens at Hidden Camp Farm are free to forage in the fields, scratch in the dirt, and lounge in the shade on sunny, hot days.  These absolutely delicious eggs are certified organic, soy-free, pastured and omega-3 rich.


Buckley Farm – Ballston Lake, NY

Buckley Farm, owned and operated by the Buckley Family, is located 10 miles south of the store.  The farm is a 300-acre preserved historic farm that the Buckley family plans to maintain by keeping it a prosperous working farm.  They are fully committed to sustainable, non-chemical farming practices and their animals are raised on open pasture and are given absolutely NO growth hormones or unnatural feed.  The farm produces grass-fed cows, pastured pigs, free-range chickens and turkeys as well as cage-free eggs.  Their hens are extremely happy and get to spend their days foraging outside throughout the year resulting in gorgeous beta carotene-rich orange egg yolks  and they taste amazing!



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