Gifts Galore

As we settle into the heart of the gift giving season I’d like to take a moment to highlight a (mostly local!) smattering of delightful potential presents that are sure to impress whoever is doing the unwrapping!

ADK Packworks – The Grocer











Check out The Grocer from VT company ADK Packworks!  This is a great shopper solution based on a 150 year old design.  These bags are super innovative and loaded with features.  The shell is made from nylon and it has a 4-sided foldable frame  that allows it to remain upright while full and then collapse flat for storage.  The adjustable straps can be easily configured for 2-handle, shoulder strap or backpack use and there’s also an optional insulated liner!

Spirited Living – Journey Travel Tins











The fine folks at Spirited Living have translated their bestselling Journey Candles into 2 oz travel tins.  Don’t let their size fool you though, these pocket sized tins will burn for about 20 hours and are still made with 100% essential oils and clean burning palm wax.  These little numbers are a great way to give the gift of good smelling goodness!

Vermont Farm Table – Chopping Blocks and Rolling Pins






I just can’t say enough about how awesome these chopping blocks and rolling pins are.  I know I’d love to unwrap one!  The good folks at VTFT continue to impress with simple, beautiful and functional tools that are sure to become treasured kitchen companions.

Holdster – The Holdster










You may remember Holdster from our Healthy Living Loves Local event this past fall; I also I wrote about them here.  After an astronomically successful Kickstarter campaign this fantastic Burlington, VT company has been cranking out these hand-made sleeves like gangbusters and ensuring that we will be drinking from canning jars in style!  They’ve got stitches, rivets, handles, no-handles and each one has a fantastically unique character. However you like it, there’s a Holdster that’s just right for you to hold.

Cuppow! – Cuppow in Color for a Cause!








Admittedly Cuppow is the only non-local offering on this list BUT, they are a Somerville, MA company AND they are made in the USA AND AND Cuppow HQ just announced that 5% of the proceeds from their new orange wide mouth and blue regular mouth Cuppows will go to Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief and the Alliance for the Great Lakes respectively.  Add that little bit of awesomeness to the fact that a Cuppow is the perfect punctuation to the Holdtser you just gifted and I feel pretty good about including them here.

Cheers and happy gift giving,

John -housewares buyer all the livelong day