Going Gluten-Free, Part II: Cookies & Crackers

Welcome back! This week we’ll talk about two of the biggest things you’ll miss when going gluten-free: cookies and crackers. Thankfully, Healthy Living has hundreds of gluten-free cookie and cracker selections that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, get chummy with cheese, and keep you crunching happily.

Fabulous Cookies...Free of Gluten!
Fabulous Cookies…Free of Gluten!

It’s almost s’more season…and what’s a s’more without a graham cracker? Gluten-free varieties are available from Kinnikinnik, Jo Sef, and The Grainless Baker; each and every variety will pair perfectly with melty marshmallows and creamy chocolate for a fireside treat you can’t resist.

If you want a cookie that’s all that on its own, try a Gluten-Free Annie’s Bunny Graham. They’re bite sized (great for kids), come in a variety of flavors (Cocoa & Vanilla, Gingersnap, or Snickerdoodle), and Non-GMO verified…this is the perfect grab-and-go gluten-free goodie. MiDel’s cookies are fab for kids, too; their gingersnaps and mini chocolate cookies are just dying to be put in a lunchbox.

If you’re looking for a more grownup cookie, Jovial’s the winner. The Organic Chocolate Cream and Organic Fig cookies are deliciously decadent and oozing with the quality you’d expect from Italian bakers. Jovial’s products are always consciously crafted and phenomenally tasty; try a box for yourself or your next get-together.

Gloriously Gluten-Free Crackers!
Gloriously Gluten-Free Crackers!

Can’t forget about the savory crunch of crackers, can we? We have gluten-free crackers for every occasion, dip, or cheese. Longtime customer favorite Edward & Sons makes a crispy-crunchy brown rice snap that comes in a myriad of flavors- choose from Black Sesame, Onion, Cheddar, Seaweed Tamari, and more!

If a heartier cracker is needed, look no further than Mary’s Gone Crackers. These wholesome options are made with quinoa, flax, and brown rice for maximum nutrition and easy digestibility. Our very own Trisha, gluten-free goddess and arbiter of all wheatless knowledge, loves the original flavor with some sharp Cabot cheese and an apple. For a gourmet twist, she suggests the Herb Crackers with some chevre and thinly sliced cukes and carrots. It’s one heck of a fresh, satisfying crunch!

Another Trisha (and customer) favorite comes from Les Pains des Fleurs, which, like Mary’s Gone Crackers, uses tons of whole grains to make a hearty and wholesome cracker with a fabulously full flavor. Trisha’s favorite pairing? Almond butter (from our bulk department, of course) + blackberries.

We leave you with a shout-out to Vermont’s own Liz Lovely, which makes the MOST decadent gluten-free cookies around. These cookies are the absolute best and come in a two-pack; vegans, these are for you, too! Celebrate you dietary restrictions in style.

Stay tuned for next week…same bat time, same bat channel!