Good news from the Wine and Beer Department!

Healthy Living is pleased to announce that we now carry a small selection of Port, Madeira, Sherry and Marsala, just in time for the holidays.

Thanks to a change in the law by the Vermont Department of Liquor Control (DLC), retailers can now apply for a permit to carry fortified wines. You better believe our Beer and Wine Department jumped right on it!

Besides being a delightful after-dinner sipper, fortified wine is frequently used as an ingredient in many classical dishes — this is why we are particularly excited! With qualities ranging from dry, to raisiny and caramel-sweet, a splash goes a long way in enriching sauces and marinades, adding depth to vegetables or fruit. And now you don’t have to make a second stop at a liquor store to find this special ingredient. It’s all right here at Healthy Living!