Greetings from Grocery!

Hello, Saratoga! We are the Grocery Department and it’s our goal to bring you the finest in packaged goods. What does that mean, exactly? Well…

It means we carry a wide variety of your favorite national brands at competitive prices. We have all the fan favorites- Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese, Justin’s Nut Butters, Bearitos Tortilla Chips, Pellegrino Sparklers, Vosges chocolate…the list goes on.













It means we also stock a lot of local goodies for your perusal. We’ve got nut butters galore, both from Saratoga Peanut Butter and the Peanut Principle. Coffees from Gimme, Ithaca Coffee, and more are sure to delight with their wide range of flavor profiles, countries of origin, and roast depths. Chocolate from Barkeater has been flying off the shelves since we opened and we even have goodies for your canine companions from Ballston Spa’s Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

It means that we price fairly and competitively and offer month-long sales that promise dazzling savings. This month, for example, Muir Glen tomatoes are down from $3.79 each to 2 for $4. It’s a great way to stock up on time-saving pantry items; we help you buy in bulk without going to a big-box store! It’s a win-win. You’ll find your favorites on sale all over the store- in our freezers (Talenti gelato) and our yogurt cases, in our beer coolers and on our shelves. Stop in, grab a flyer, and see what we’ve got going. Or, view the Healthy Living Sale page by clicking here and plan your list before you shop! We make it easy.

A sale display from our first month open. New and exciting sales await!

The next time you’re in, feel free to ask a grocery stocker a question. We’ll walk you right to the product you’re looking for and do it with a smile. Our number one goal is service- so when you come in, you’ll find all sorts of natural foods and a diverse squad of grocery superstars waiting to answer your questions and lead you in the right direction. Welcome!