Halloumi from Cyprus

We are loving the ‘Official Grilling Cheese of Cyprus’ right now: Halloumi! Produced on the island of Cyprus, the blended milk for this famous Greek dairy delight comes from mountain sheep and goats who graze on local grasses, wild herbs and flowers.


Once the milk is collected, it is heated slowly to transform into curds and whey which are then hand-filled into individual molds before cooking them a second time to retain their shape and texture. Only vegetarian-friendly rennet is used in the creation of this cheese!

As Halloumi does not melt well, we recommend pan-searing it with a little butter or oil then drizzle it with a wedge of lemon and a pinch of salt and serve with a crusty baguette. Add some roasted vegetables for an even tastier experience!


Our absolute favorite way to make a snack out of Halloumi is to cut it into large cubes and skewer it with some pineapple then throw it on the grill for a nice, light char. The smoke of the grill really helps to develop the flavor of this Greek cheese while the juicy pineapple adds succulent sweetness. Looking to make a meal out of it? Add some cubed pork to your skewers and serve with a side of roasted vegetables for a meal the whole family will love!