Hand Melon Farm at Healthy Living and Cafe!

When I was sixteen I worked at Hand Melon Farm for the summer. I lived right in Greenwich, and the farm was only a mile or so from home.  My days were spent crouching in the strawberry fields deciding which berries were perfect for the pint containers and which I had to eat, standing amongst blueberry bushes, and walking through rows of corn, counting ears to rip off and bag and getting soaked by the dew-covered stalks. Hand Melon Farm is where I formed a deep relationship with dirt and an appreciation for excellent produce.
It’s really cool to have come full circle and now be able to stock and sell the same produce I once helped pick and package. Here at Healthy Living we love local, and Hand Melon Farm is the real deal: a local, family-run farm that runs the way farms used to and should, with care and thought being put into each piece of produce. We are proud to sell their GMO Free Corn!
Thanks to the summer of ’07, I’ll always crave strawberries still warm from the sun and know where to go to find the best sweet corn around, and I’m glad to be able to share this appreciation firsthand with our guests at Healthy Living who come in looking for the type of quality product that the Hand family has been producing for a century.
This post was written by Produce Team Member Micah Waldron!