Hard Cider Season

Doc's Draft v 4

Did you know that Divine Wines has more than just wine? We also carry a fine selection of chilled seasonal ciders! One of our current favorite cider producers is Doc’s Draft, from Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery, located in the foothills of Hudson Valley!

Founded in 1989, all ciders are crafted with 100% fruit and are certified gluten free! Their seasonal cider is a Pumpkin Cider that is an apple-based hard cider with added roasted pumpkin mash, cinnamon, allspice, fresh ginger and nutmeg; they add champagne-style yeast to it to make it light and refreshing!

Doc’s Draft Hard Raspberry cider is an apple cider based with fresh raspberries added to it then re-fermented to create a delicious dessert-style spin on traditional ciders!

Doc’s Draft Hard Pear cider is a traditional cider that has been hand crafted from a select blend of crisp apples and delicate pears. Intense aromas of ripened pear waft up to your nose that will simply delight your senses; the taste is light and crisp with a clean, dry finish!

When wine, beer, or spirits wont satisfy, a crisp and refreshing cider will quench your thirst perfectly, while leaving you thirsty for more. And at $6 a bottle and 6% alcohol or less, you don’t have to feel bad about drinking the whole bottle in one sitting!