Healthy Living Covid-19 Update 3/21/2020

HEALTHY LIVING CHECKING IN! Update from our owners 3/21/2020

For those of us hard at work at Healthy Living, last week was a week of catch up. Between restocking our shelves and putting a bunch of new initiatives in place, the HL team has been super busy. We want to thank the hundreds of guests who have sent “love notes’ about our staff, letting us know how grateful you are for the way they’ve served up some amazing hospitality while keeping things calm and running smoothly. We’ve shared these notes with staff, and it has meant the world to them. We’ll say it again; these are the people who make the food you want possible. Without them, our deliveries (6 days a week) would not be received, put on carts, wheeled out into the store and put on the shelves, in the coolers, in the freezers, and finally checked out at the registers. These are people who truly deserve the respect and love you’ve shown them. Thank you for that!  One more thing re: staff. Please keep the 6′ distance from them (and each other) while shopping.  


What else?

-We will only be opening every other register at our check out area in order to avoid people crowding together in small spaces. We ask that you keep a 6 foot distance from the person in front of you in line. We also ask that after placing your groceries on the belt, you move all the way to the end of the check stand where the pull-out bagging shelf is there for easy bagging. 

-We ask that guests bag their groceries.  The fewer people touching your groceries, the better!

– Our Cafe is busy packing lots of ready-to-eat items in single serve containers for you to take home. There are some new products that are becoming super popular!

– We’re doing tons of extra cleaning. Staff is on call every 20 minutes to wipe down major touch points. And our carts and baskets have been thoroughly cleaned.

– We are increasing our ability to offer HL2Go! We’re getting more orders than ever before and are happy to continue offering this service. We are also experiencing huge volume in orders and we are doing our best to get all orders shopped as fast as we can. We know many online order windows are appearing closed – we are working on solutions on our end to shop orders faster so these windows re-open throughout the day! One thing to understand, inventory changes very quickly. We’ve always tried to make every order perfect, and right now we are doing the best we can.  There are a few changes to the system:

   –  We won’t be calling regarding products that are out of stock. But there are always substitutions! If you’d like a sub for a product that might be out of stock, please click the “allow substitutions” button when you’re placing your order (this is located on the shopping cart page at the top). This will allow our team to easily substitute another brand.

-We cannot accept additions or changes to an order via email. Please submit a second order for your additional items.  

   –  We can deliver upon request! But we won’t come into your home. Orders will be left on your doorstep after we ring or knock upon arrival. It’s all about everyone’s safety!

    –  For curbside pickup, we’ll be happy to bring your groceries out in a cart and leave that cart by your car, but we won’t load your car. Again, we’re considering everyone’s safety.

A message from our Director of Purchasing. (Behind the scenes is a guy named Paul Hoffman who manages a team of Category Managers…the people who research, source, sample, and procure all the products we sell. These folks ensure that each item meets our product standards. They create the sales and specials you rely on. Paul makes our buying machine GO!)

“Seeing empty shelves is disappointing and disconcerting. We’d like to assure you that we are in contact with all of our suppliers and they in turn are assuring us that supplies are strong. There is no shortage of food. The problem everyone is trying to overcome is catching back up in the supply chain. Much of our food and many consumer goods travel great distances through the distribution chain (another great reason to buy local!) and that chain has been greatly strained these last two weeks. Everyone in this supply chain faces the same challenges and it is taking time to recover and adapt. However, we’re beginning to see better supply every day. Our staff is working tirelessly to procure, receive and stock products as fast as possible. You may notice some brands reducing or temporarily discontinuing less popular products in order to ramp up production to meet demand on popular items. For example: Tate’s cookies has reduced from 14 to 6 types. Whenever possible, we are posting information at the shelf location so you may choose to find an alternate selection.” 


Thanks for your understanding and support,   Katy, Eli, and Nina