Healthy Living & Eric’s Eggs!

Crisp summer lettuce, hearty butternut squash, spicy radishes, festive basil, and farm fresh eggs are just a few of the products Rockville Market Farm offers! Located in the beautiful hills of Starksboro, Vermont, this family farm encompasses 108 acres of preserved land.


Healthy Living and Rockville Market Farm work together to bring you the freshest local eggs, Eric’s Eggs, named after the farm’s owner. The hens at the Rockville Farm Market lead the good life and live outdoors with unlimited access to pasture for most of the year. In the colder months, they pass their days laying eggs, scratching and fertilizing the greenhouse. The farm raises 3000 laying hens that live in mobile chicken coops on pasture. The eggs are sold fresh and ungraded.


Similar to our beliefs here at Healthy Living, Eric says, “We are transparent. We want people to be connected to their food. To eat seasonally, and know the growers by their first name.”


You can find Eric’s Eggs exclusively in our coolers for the low price of $4.99 a dozen and other delicious products from Rockville Market Farm throughout our store!