Healthy Living Loves Local: Adams Turkey Farm

Adams Turkey Farm is located in Westford, VT. Since 1981 Dave and Judy Adams have run this family owned, diversified farm, raising free-range turkeys and chickens, growing vegetables and Christmas trees and selling their own maple products.

In their first year of farming they raised and sold around 100 turkeys.  Now, with the addition of a processing facility on the farm, that number is over 2,000 and growing!

Adam’s Turkey’s are free range with no hormones and no antibiotics. The grain they feed on is a natural poulin grain that is made in Vermont. When Dave and Judy order the grain, it is made and bagged the next day and then shipped to the farm the day after, ensuring freshness and quality.

The Turkeys raised on the farm have been there since they were only a day old. They live outside where they are happiest and when they are processed, it is done humanly and no chemicals are used on them at all. We are happy to bring you these tasty Turkeys for your Thanksgiving meal!

We asked Adams Turkey Farm a few questions about what inspires them to do the work they do. Here’s what they had to say.

One major inspiration comes from positive customer satisfaction with our products. It is our goal to do the best job we can to produce a top quality product. We really enjoy, look forward to, and are inspired by the positive comments we receive. After farming since 1981 we recognize our diversification can be a big source of inspiration. It has allowed us to realize many opportunities as a family operated farm now and for the future.

In a nutshell the short answer is this: The love of being self-employed on a very diverse family farm and having the ability to please people with our farm products.
Our family farm has seen all of us work in different capacities doing what we love sometimes and sometimes not so much. It all adds into the big picture that all of us have worked hard to build this farm to what it is today, with a sustainable foundation for the future. That’s cool for us.

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