Healthy Living Loves Local: Adirondack Brewery


For the month of June, Healthy Living Saratoga is featuring the Adirondack Brewery as our monthly highlight!

John Carr, a native from Vermont, traveled to Europe and was in awe of the quality of the stunning European brewed ales he tried. Upon returning back to the United States, he became nostalgic of the European beers he had had. Since he couldn’t find anything of top notch quality in the US, he began to brew his own at home in order to satisfy his insatiable craving for the European-style ales he had come to love. After self-brewing for 10 years and only providing brews for himself, friends and family, he decided to open up his very own brew pub in Lake George Village, New York in 1999.

His mission was to brew innovative, all-natural, great tasting beer that must be “drinkable on a hot summer day on Lake George.” His Adirondack-inspired brew pub was such a hit with both the locals and the tourists on site that he decided to finally bottle, in 2011. All beer is brewed and bottled on site in Lake George.

What we especially love at Healthy Living is that not only do they create fabulous brews, but that they value their local community. Adirondack Brewery supports local businesses by using products in their beers such as coffee beans from a local cafe in Lake George, berries and apples from local farms and orchards, and donate their fresh wheat “mash” that’s leftover to local farms on a daily basis!

We proudly feature the Dirty Blonde Ale, Beaver Tail Brown Ale, and Bear Naked Ale in 6-packs and the 12-pack Adirondack Variety Pack. Show your support for this thriving local brewery by stopping by Healthy Living Saratoga and picking up a couple of 6-packs or the Adirondack Variety Pack this June!

Thirsty for more? Visit for more information on both the Brewery and the Pub.

Support Local. Love Local.