Healthy Living Loves Local – Artesano Mead and Wolaver’s Ales

We’re kicking off the summer by highlighting two of our favorite local Vermont producers in our Wine and Beer Department!

The first is Artesano Mead from Groton Vermont. They produce “high quality mead from local Vermont honey and fruit. Small batch sizes and attention to detail transform one of nature’s sweetest gifts to a fine wine that can be enjoyed throughout the year.” Perfect for drinking around the solstice!

We’re also proud to feature Wolaver’s Brewery.  Producers of fine ales, from their Oatmeal Stout to their Wildflower Wheat, there’s a beer for every occasion. Wolaver’s is Vermont’s first producer of organic beer and we are honored to represent them here at HL! Come in today, pick up a six pack of Wolavers and sign up to win an electric Neuton Mower provided by the fine folks at Wolaver’s.