Healthy Living Loves Local: Benito’s Hot Sauce

Here at Healthy Living we have a passion for food, and are always on the hunt for new and exciting products to give spark and sizzle to your dinner table.  No where is this more evident than in our incredible selection of hot sauces and spicy concoctions in the Grocery department.   We have condiments from around the world- and some from our own backyard, here in Vermont!


Handmade by Ben ‘Benito’ Manisclaco in Winooski, VT using all natural and organic ingredients, Benito’s comes in six fiery flavors ranging from Medium to ‘Gringo Killer’.   Their hottest blends use the Naga Bhut Jolokai pepper, aka ‘The Ghost Pepper’.  These little firebombs have a Skoville Heat Unit (or SHU- a standardized ranking of spicy factors)  index of about 855,000!

To put it into perspective, Jalapenos are ranked at about 2,500 SHU, and most law enforcement pepper sprays are around 2 million.  Gringos and spice seekers alike will always find a flavor to match their need, and even Benito’s ‘White Hot’ and ‘Old Coy Dog’ sauces give all the bite, with a huge blast of flavor to temper this fire – Benito’s promise.

To find out more about Benito’s Hot Sauces, visit their website:


Leo Zambrano, Grocery Manager