Healthy Living Loves Local: Blue Ledge Farm

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Blue Ledge Farm is a first-generation family farm, located in the southern Champlain Valley of Vermont. Its 100 acres cover open and wooded pastures, hay fields, and a conserved natural wetland. Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions have been farming since 2000, when at the age of 23 they began the process of bringing an old cow dairy farm back into production with goats. Their farm is now home to one hundred dairy goats who turn the farm’s browse and grasses into spectacular milk to be processed on the farm into cheese. In addition, Greg and Hannah work with two local farms, Burnell Pond Farm in Brandon, and Crawford Family Farm in Whiting, who provide Blue Ledge with goat and cow’s milk, thus allowing them to produce a full line of artisanal cheeses from a very fresh chevre, to several semi-aged mold-ripened cheeses aged two to three weeks, to three harder raw milk cheeses aged two or more months. They like to assert that they “have a cheese for every palette”! Learn more on their website:

Stop on by our cheese counter and see the amazing Blue Ledge goat and cow’s milk cheeses we have to offer.  Sure to make everyone happy.

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