Healthy Living Loves Local: Bread and Butter Farm

Bread & Butter

Bread and Butter Farm is a beautiful diverse farm with lots of heart and is one of our closest farm neighbors right down the road in Shelburne.  Bread and Butter is made of two families who have come together to share their passion for food and music with the community.  This farm grows diverse vegetables such as kale, lettuce, beets, cilantro, radishes and more.  They also raise animals naturally; sell 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, and fresh farm baked bread.

Bread and Butter Farm also hosts many community events featuring music and youth education such as Burger Night and Farm Camp.  Burger Night is a wonderful family event where the community comes to the farm to sample some amazing beef and greens, enjoy the stunning farm view and sit back and listen to some delightful local music.

Bread and Butter Farm is a dynamic young farm that has really pushed the boundaries of connecting people with their food.  These amazing farmers have created a beautiful space for the community to come out and enjoy their food directly where it is coming from.  They have made wonderful strides in creating innovative ways to feed their neighbors and have worked hard to highlight a truly diverse range of food and products from their farm.

Come in to the Healthy Living Produce Department today to check out our highlighted Bread and Butter produce items including our co-branded Superb Kale.  You can also stop by our Meat and Bread Departments to try out some of the other great offerings from this fabulous farm.