Healthy Living Loves Local: Bread and Butter Farm

This bakery and farm store is nestled in the center of a 143-acre farm straddling the border of South Burlington and Shelburne, on Cheesefactory Road between Dorset St. and Hinesburg Road.   The bakery produces traditional, hearty German breads.  The head baker, Adam, has trained with bakers in Germany and California to refine his bread baking techniques.  The breads are made by hand using whole grain flours, natural fermentation, well-hydrated dough, and baked in a wood-fired brick oven.  The resulting bread is moist, flavorful, highly nutritious, long-lasting, and most importantly delicious.  All the grains are organic and purchased locally in Vermont, New York, and Quebec.  In addition to the bakery, the diversified farm hosts a small herd of Jersey cows, calves and pigs.  We are lucky to get a fresh bread delivery here at Healthy Living every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Visit their web site to learn more about the farm