Healthy Living Loves Local: Bryan Street Bakery

Bryan Street Coffee Cake

Bryan Street Gluten Free Coffee Cake

At Healthy Living and Cafe WE LOVE LOCAL and are especially pleased to be able to offer you wonderful Gluten Free baked goods from one of our local Saratoga dedicated gluten free bakeries. Bryan Street Bakery. Carin Cooper brings us fresh, moist, delicious gluten free coffee cake, gluten free cupcakes, gluten free Walnut Brownies and her gluten free Chocolate Biscotti.

What make’s Carin Cooper’s Gluten free sweets taste so delicious?

Here’s Carin, in her own words, explaining her approach to Gluten Free baking:

Hey, there! I would love to introduce you to Bryan Street Bakery, a gluten-free home- based bakery located in Saratoga Springs, New York. My name is Carin Cooper and I am the sole proprietor and baker. I use gluten-free ingredients exclusively AND I bake in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Only the finest, highest quality ingredients are used so that you can enjoy the best tasting treats available anywhere. You see, one of my goals is to re-create gluten-free versions of the desserts you long for without having to make excuses or apologies. There is no bigger compliment than a surprised expression and query “This is gluten-free?” It’s one of those “YES!!!!” moments for me. Another goal, equally important, is to provide you with really fresh baked goods. Although I don’t have a retail bakery, I approach my baking as if I do. I want you to have the freshest pastries, using many locally sourced ingredients, which you look forward to eating, again and again. Maybe even dream about!


For me, gluten-free baking is one part art, one part science, and one part passion – my desserts are so yummy that only you will know they’re completely gluten-free. Here at Bryan Street Bakery I have been perfecting desserts for your enjoyment and well-being. I hope you enjoy my baked goods as much as I enjoy baking them.

– Carin