Healthy Living Loves Local: Butterworks Farm Spelt Flour

Butterworks Farm started in 1979 in Westfield, VT making cottage cheese on a wood cookstove. Today, they produce an array of top quality yogurts, cream, kefir and grains that can be found throughout northern New England.

In Healthy Living’s bulk department you’ll find Butterworks Farm Spelt Flour. This high quality, organic flour is one of the more popular non-wheat flours available. Spelt has been cultivated for centuries and looks very similar to wheat, but has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor. It does contain some gluten, and is an easy substitute in cookies, breads, and other baked good recipes. Spelt flour has a fairly strong nutritional profile; it has slightly fewer calories than wheat flour and is somewhat higher in protein.

In addition to spelt, Butterworks Farm grows an array of crops, grains and beans such as wheat, open pollinated corn, rye, sunflowers and dry beans. They grow them in rotation with other crops to provide excellent quality, nutritious local whole grain, flours, meals and oil for themselves and community retailers such as Healthy Living!