Healthy Living Loves Local: Cherish Soaps

We are pleased to share with you a bit about Cherish Natural Soaps and Kelly, the woman behind the magic of these beautiful, vegan products. After reading this, it will be obvious why we love Cherish so much!



























Kelly began making soap two years ago. She has always enjoyed cooking and found soap making to be a natural extension of that. She found the process to be extremely difficult at first as she played around with trial and error. Kelly kept going though, enjoying the creative challenge and usefulness of the end product. To figure out what steps she needed to work on, she took a class in soap making at the Adirondack Folk School and perfected her basic skills! Now she found it was the time to begin experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to get the end result exactly how she wanted it, with a rustic look.

Kelly named the business Cherish in May of 2012 because of her other passion: helping families that have experienced abuse. Kelly previously volunteered with a support group in her community and quickly yearned to do more because of how rewarding the experience was. She now leads her own group, serves on the board and even started working part time for a domestic violence agency. “It’s the cause that I want to devote my time, resources, and attention to.” – Kelly


Another one of the amazing parts of Kelly’s business is that a portion of the proceeds goes directly to support organizations that deal with domestic violence issues. We are so thrilled to carry many variety’s of Cherish soap in our store for these many reasons!

“Peace in the home is a lot like soap.   It’s foundational.  If you have it, you probably go through each day without paying much attention to it.  But if it were removed the ripple effects would be astonishing.” – Kelly