Healthy Living Loves Local: Diggers Mirth Collective Farm


Healthy Living loves supporting our local farmers!  We love local season and always do our best to source the most beautiful local products whenever possible.  Diggers Mirth Farm is one of our local farm suppliers and we have a wide variety of their produce available in the produce department.  Diggers Mirth specialize in greens for retail and we provide their tasty mesclun mix, sharp and spicy mesclun mix, sweet baby spinach, crispy large leaf spinach, baby beet greens, and zesty arugula.  We also carry a lot of their delectable herbs including beautiful basil, tangy cilantro, fresh parsley, delicious dill as well as fennel and much more.   Come into the Healthy Living Produce department today where you can buy Diggers Mirth products seven days a week.

Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm has 5 collective members that run the farm jointly and have consensus based decision making.  Diggers Mirth Farm is located at the Intervale and was founded in 1992.  Diggers’ Mirth has been a strong part of the Old North End Community by helping start the Old North End Farmers Market as well as selling produce out of the back of their truck at various locations around the Old North End.  Diggers Mirth loves trying to broaden the scope of people who have access to their food and truly distribute their beautiful produce to all of their neighbors.