Healthy Living Loves Local: Does’ Leap Farm

At Healthy Living, we love our local farmers and food producers, and in the Cheese Department, we’re lucky to have a plethora of Vermont cheese makers to choose from!  We’re proud to highlight one of our favorite Goat Cheese producers, Does’ Leap Farm from East Fairfield, VT!  This amazing farm is owned and run by George van Vlaanderen and Kristan Doolan.  Does’ Leap Farm  is Vermont’s ONLY certified organic, single source  and pasture-based goat cheese producer.

What does organic, single sources and pasture-based mean?

Organic:  Most dairy animals (cows, goats, sheep) receive some grain in their diet.  No Genetically Modified grain (GMO) is fed to the goats at Does’ Leap, ever.  No pesticides, antibiotics, or synthetic fertilizers are used on their farm.  Every thing they do is 100% natural verified by VOF – Vermont’s organic certification program.

Single sourced (aka Farmstead):  The milk George and Karen use for Does’ Leap delicious cheeses comes from a single source – their own goats.  Unlike many cheesemakers, they do not purchase milk from other farms, ensuring the highest quality milk and
cheese.  Every one of their goats has a name, not a number.

Pasture-based:  Does’ Leap goats receive a fresh paddock of grass every 12 hours (this means lots of fence moving).  They have the luxury of feeding on the wild vegetation on the farm as they spend all but the winter months outside.  As a result their milk is of exceptionally high quality and takes on the flavor of our farm’s varied vegetation and changing seasons.

Please stop on by our cheese counter and let us show you the wonderful Does’ Leap cheeses we have to offer!