Healthy Living Loves Local: Elmore Mountain

We’re proud to offer Elmore Mountain products in our Body Care Department! They are based in Morrisville, VT.
Why we love, love, love Elmore Mountain!
The goat’s milk soap is creamy and moisturizing, the lotion emollient and fragrant!
I have found Goat’s Milk to be one of the most soothing and nourishing ingredients for several conditions,
and am constantly recommending it to customers who need relief from dry, flaky, Vermont weathered skin!
What really melts my heart, though~
You can really tell that at Elmore Mountain they LOVE their goats.
This, of course, makes us proud to sell their handmade products!
Indulge with therapeutic lotions, as well as luxurious aromatic gifts from Elmore Mountain.
Take a look at their website for more information, and see the gorgeous 200 year old farmhouse
where your soap is curing right now~