Healthy Living Loves Local: Flack Family Farm

Our Grocery Department is honoring Flack Family Farm as part of the Healthy Living Loves Local Celebration! Doug Flack has been farming since 1976 when he brought farming techniques he’d learned in New Zealand to a small plot of land in Northwestern VT. Doug, his wife Barbara and their daughters run a diversified organic farm specializing in fermented vegetables – sauerkraut and western style kim-chi, fresh milk dairy, grass-fed beef, and fresh medicinal herbs.

Here at HL we believe education is vital when it comes to knowing where your food comes from and eating a wholesome diet. The Flack Family shares this belief with us as they invite visitors to the farm from September to October and teach them the benefits of fermented foods and how to make sauerkraut and kim-chi!

Their lacto-fermented vegetables, made only from certified organic vegetables and celtic sea salt, are made by the barrel in small lots. During winter and spring the vegetable mixtures age, adding a range of tastes and texture.  Lacto-fermented vegetables pack a huge punch when it comes to health—they are a great source of enzymes, aid in digestion and boost immunity.

Whether you’re a long-time sauerkraut or kim-chi lover or are just looking to try this health-packed food for the first time, you can’t go wrong with fermented vegetables from Flack Family Farm! Stop by Healthy Living today for your jar full of health benefits…and great flavor too!


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