Healthy Living Loves Local: Gimme Coffee!

What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? Now!

For most people, coffee is an acquired taste, once you have acquired that taste its time to educate your palate on the various nuances offered by the lean mean green caffeine bean. Once you’ve had the good stuff, its hard to go back to the run of the mill coffee found most places. Coffee (like wine) can vary depending on the region where it is grown, the type of climate, and the processing of the beans. The flavor of the beans is heavily determined by the amount of time they are allowed to roast. The roasting process brings out the deep richness  and enhances the aromatic properties of the beans.

Healthy Living is now proudly serving and selling Gimme! Coffee (Ithaca, NY). At the coffee/juice bar you can have the “Java Kayumas”  a deep and rich palate pleaser perfectly brewed and ready for you to enjoy. In the bulk section you can purchase whole roasted beans in many different varieties, such as Santo Antonio from Brazil, Mocha Java (a blend of East African & Indonesian beans). The good folks at Gimme coffee pride themselves on their espresso offering a deep,dark French roast, and a “leftist” blend with hints of toasted walnut.

Gimme Coffee

Gimme coffee takes the art of coffee making to a next level using only the finest ingredients and equipment sourced from all over using sustainable techniques.  Their love and passion for coffee making is expressed in the quality of the products they make. Taking the time to do it the right way is what separates the mediocre from the best.

Please allow yourself to experience the masterfully prepared beverages at the Healthy Living coffee/juice bar. Educate yourself on gimme coffee and the coffee making process at their website, then come on down and have a cup. Tell us how good it is so we can relay the message to the coffee professionals at Gimme! Coffee.

Good news… We do offer four amazing and flavorful selections found in bulk!

French Roast – dark roasted, Southern Italian espresso blend
Mocha Java – blend that compliements the rich flavors of East Africa and Indonesia
Leftist – signature espresso blend
Fazienda Santo Antonio – Brazilian grown at 1000 feet above sea level, fruity and fragrant aroma

Also stop down our grocery aisle to find these additional blends:

La Primavera Decaf – Colombian medium blend
Piccolo Mondo – Small world fair trade blend
Las Penitas -Honduras, sourced at origin
Tierra Dentro – Columbian, sourced from a group of 1400 farmers
Finca San Luis – Columbian floral blend
Fracktivist – Blend where $2 from every bag sold goes to the anti-fracking movement in NY state

Gimme Coffee Crew

See ya Soon!