Healthy Living Loves Local: Gleason Grains

Gleason Grains is a small organic farm and milling operation located in Bridport, VT. We love this family run farm that is  solely owned and operated by the Gleason family since 1979. The Champlain Valley has a long history of growing wheat going back before the Mid-West took over as our country’s major producer of grain. The family strongly believes that the wheat they grow here has exceptional quality and taste and we’d have to agree with them! That quality and taste is preserved by handling the wheat with care and stone milling it to preserve nutrients.


Gleason Grains offers whole wheat bread flour milled from hard red winter wheats and or spring wheat. They have been milling and selling this flour to Vermonters since 1982.  Gleason Grains also offers whole wheat pastry flour milled from soft white winter wheat, great for nutty flavored brownies, cookies, and cakes. Their Snake Mountain sifted bread flour has a small percentage of bran removed to make it easier for those who prefer a light loaf without adding white flour to your recipe. Their Lemon Fair sifted pastry flour also has a small percentage of the bran removed to allow the baking fine pie crusts and cakes using only local wheat from our farm. We are so happy to carry these ingredients in our bulk section. Let us know if you have any questions on what flour is used best in what recipe! We are here to help!


“We hope you enjoy using our flour!”