Healthy Living Loves Local: Grow Compost of Vermont

It’s now high summer and there is much to do in our gardens! weeds to stay on top of, an abundant array of beautiful Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers to harvest every day,and maybe just sitting back and gazing at all your hard work!
A perfect time to reward our hard working soils with a little TLC, and I can’t think of anything better than a top dressing of ‘Grow Compost of Vermont’ located in in our back yard in Moretown Vermont!
Meticulously crafted (by Lisa & Scott) from selected hay, grain, manure, and bedding from Vermont’s finest farms, coffee chaff, burlap bark, plant materials, mineral amendments, and occasional leaves!
Fully cured & approved for Organic gardening by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) the USDA accredited organic certification program of the Northeast Organic farmers Association of Vermont. So feed your soil with confidence!
Another rewarding task would be to plant a few cold hardy Fall crops! click on this link to one of my favorite information websites for detailed Fall planting information,and don’t forget that we still have many beautiful vegetable & herb plants from Red Wagon Plants along with a selection of High Mowing seeds suitable for late season sowing!
Happy Gardening!
Healthy Living Plant & Flower Buyer