Healthy Living Loves Local: Hardwick Beef

We are thrilled to carry Hardwick Beef in our store. The beef is certified 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, this comes from cows that are raised in pastures rather than in feedlots. As the cows become ready to leave their mother’s milk, they only eat natural grass, herbs, roots, legumes, and hay… their natural food!



Why do we love Hardwick Beef so much? Grass-fed, grass-finished meat is not only more tender and delicious but it’s better for you as well! The meat is lower in calories and lower in fat, including saturated fat. Also, the meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and no hormones or antibiotics are ever administered to the cows.


This way of raising beef is actually not only better tasting and better for us as individuals but for our world as well! Grass-fed cattle are rotated from pasture to pasture, so they are always grazing in a new area of grass. While not only eating from the land, the cows are also naturally fertilizing the land and the land therefore the land improves with more use. This whole system actually eliminates pollution problems that are inevitable when cows are confined.


Hardwick Beef is based out of MA but we are proud to announce that we are sourcing the meat from the following New York farms…

Maple Terrace Farm, Warwick, NY
G&T Farm, Richfield Springs, NY
Fourwright Farm, Binghamton, NY
Golden Acres, Westerlo, NY