Healthy Living Loves Local: Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards

Hermann J. Wiemer is easily regarded as one of the pioneers of viticulture and wine making in the Finger Lakes. Hermann was originally a native of Germany, who emigrated to the Finger Lakes in 1960s.  He began wine making because he wished to create a wine producing area in the United States that was as successful with their Riesling as his home country of Germany is. He worked closely with his father while growing up to graft Mosel Riesling vines onto American rootstock; he was successful. His very first Riesling and Chardonnay vintages went on to win Gold in state-wide NY competitions.

Hermann; hand-cutting grapes in his vineyards.

In the 1990s, Saveur Magazine noted: “Hermann J. Wiemer produces the finest American-grown Riesling.” His commitment to consistency and quality over the past few decades has earned him the reputation of being one of the nation’s best white wine producers.

In 2007, Hermann retired from wine making and handed over his legacy to winemaker Fred Merwarth, who is still the head winemaker of Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards today.

Fred Merwarth, the current winemaker of HJW Vineyards, tending to his vines.

HJW Vineyards participates in numerous sustainable practices throughout the vineyards. They utilize organic fertilizers by reusing all pomace from previous harvests, have eliminated all usage of herbicides, planted cover crops to improve soil quality, and minimize the spraying used within the vineyards.

Grapes being sorted by hand to ensure the highest quality wines.

Within the winery, they hand sort their fruit and minimize the use of total sulfur to below organic levels in the wines; this makes them a much more lower sulfite wine than traditional wines.

Divine Wines is proud to carry dry and semi-dry Riesling, as well as Chardonnay wines from Hermann J. Wiemer. When chilled, his white wines are the epitome of summer, crisp and refreshing. Stop by Divine Wines today and pick up a bottle to support local and taste some of the best that the Finger Lakes has to offer!