Healthy Living Loves Local – Holdster

Greetings sweet friends!  Us folks in the Housewares department, in the spirit of HL Loves Local, are proud to present you with…Holdster! (cue ooo’s and aaahhhh’s)

Not only is this dandy little number hand made right here in Burlington, but it’s also about the coolest thing since drinking out of a Ball Jar.

Makes sense right?  We all love the inherent street cred granted by rocking a canning jar as a drinking vessel but just try some hot coffee or tea in there and BAM, burnt hands.  Cold drinks are no better, ice cubes do their thing and the outside of your jar gets all sweaty and too cold to hold!  Enter Holdster and you have yourself a stylish solution.

Holdster was founded in January 2012 at The Intervale Hotel (unofficial name for his living room) by Marsh Gooding and now includes some very cool co-conspirators (check out the “about us” page on to see what I mean).

The Holdster is a simple idea executed in a very awesome way by folks in our own back yard and it’s about the most awesome way to fancy up a Ball Jar I can think of.

Holdsters come with or without handles, riveted or stitched and each one fits just a little different (I tried out almost every one in the store before I found “my” Holdster) so it’s best to come down and see for yourself!  We’ll be here.

(Also, I should mention CUPPOW! even though they aren’t local, they are made in the US and they compliment Holdster PERFECTLY.  Find them both in our Tea section.)

cheers for now,


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