Healthy Living Loves Local: Kilpatrick Family Farm

Healthy Living Loves Local Farms!

The Produce Department has been waiting eagerly for this summer’s local harvest to start arriving on our shelves.  It’s a joy to us on so many levels to replace the anonymity of cartons labeled “Produce of USA” with personal visits from local farmers and their just picked crops.  We love the gorgeous appearance and robust flavor of fresh greens, radishes, onions, and berries.  We love the fact that the harvest was a day or so ago, the produce has travelled only a few miles to reach our store, and that we build and sustain our neighboring communities when we choose to eat it!

Kilpatrick Family Farm (Granville, NY)

Like many local farmers, Kilpatrick Family Farm of Granville  is a participant in the Northeast Organic Farmers Association of New York’s Farmer’s Pledge.   Participants believe that “farmers should work in harmony with natural forces and leave the little piece of the world over which they have stewardship in better condition than when they found it.”*  Michael says, “We feel that our mission is not simply to grow great vegetables but to provide our customers with great local food and to continue to build the local food ecosystem.  We feel that when consumers become connected with their farmers they eat healthier and appreciate their food more.  A network of local farms is also the only way to achieve true food safety and food security and revive the local and national economy.”

Kilpatrick Family Farm

The Kilpatrick Family Farm exceeds required organic standards through extensive use of compost and organic matter for fertility, regular use of various cover crops and organic mulches and non-GMO biodegradable corn-based plastic mulch.  Since 2005, the farm has been Certified Naturally Grown, and our staff thinks the harvest is DELICIOUS!!

This week, we are featuring deeply flavorful arugula, and a vibrant assortment of lettuces, kales, chards, root vegetables, spinach and the first strawberries of the season, all from Kilpatrick Family Farm.  Come and ask an associate to try a taste!!


*View the complete Farmer’s Pledge at