Healthy Living Loves Local: Misty Knoll Farm

Misty Knoll Farm is a family-owned and operated farm right in New Haven, Vermont. Family owned since 1984, Misty Knoll treats their farm as a precious, irreplaceable resource, and they follow sustainable farming practices to ensure that their croplands will be productive for future generations to come. The birds (both chickens and turkeys) are raised with the most utmost care. They are fed wholesome grain that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products. Because of this, the turkeys raised on Misty Knoll Farm are healthy, nutritious and flavorful.

The farm raises their turkeys in a large brooder house, sheltered from the elements, until they are capable of withstanding Vermont’s cold nights. Once that occurs, the flocks are moved to open barns with free access to lush pasture, sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water. Because the turkeys grow naturally to size, they are robust and meatier.

The birds are then processed on-site in the farms own USDA-inspected facility, sustaining much less stress then if they were transported elsewhere. The processed poultry is done carefully and graded by hand, assuring that only the finest birds are offered for sale!