Healthy Living Loves Local: Mu Mu Muesli

Mike, Lisa and Ms. Mu
Mike, Lisa and Ms. Mu from Mu Mu Muesli

So how did Mu Mu Muesli all begin? Their nephew – who is a scientist – was doing research for a nutrition book he was writing. Knowing that Mike and Lisa had an interest in his findings, he sent them an email in which he explained his concerns about acrylamides/carcinogens found in over-toasted carbohydrates. To their surprise, this included the cereals they were currently consuming. So they began their quest to find a cereal alternative and discovered Muesli.

They were thrilled that it was raw and unprocessed, but they weren’t happy with the quality of the different mueslis they had tried. That’s when they began making their own. After consuming their own muesli for nine months, and feeling confident in the quality of the ingredients they were using, they decided to make it commercially.

Each 20 ounce bag of muesli is a great mix of whole rolled oats, whole grain wheat flakes, organic dates, unsulphured/unsweetened organic coconut, organic raisins, unsulphured cranberries, roasted almonds, and organic flax seeds. It has been rated as one of the top 5 “Most Scrumptious” cereals in the country by Vegetarian Times. They also have a wonderful cranberry and date pancake mix – made with organic barley, spelt and oat flours, and just a little dash of cinnamon and sea salt. This too comes in a 20 ounce bag.