Healthy Living Loves Local – Nancy Jacobus Art

Welcome to Healthy Living Loves Local from the Housewares department!  At Healthy Living, we are thrilled and honored to be able to bring our customers beautiful, high-quality local products from every corner of Vermont.  For this inaugural installment from our corner of the store, we’re featuring one of our top-selling card lines from South Burlington artist Nancy Jacobus.

Nancy has been painting for over 20 years and has previously worked full-time as a water color and pastel artist, however Nancy’s greeting card business was still relatively new when she found Healthy Living in 2010 and we started selling her wonderful cards.

Ever since she designed a T-shirt for Women Helping Battered Women that featured her signature “Dancing Women” design, Nancy has been an active member in the local art scene exhibiting her work at group and solo shows throughout Vermont.  Seven years ago, Nancy started painting on silk which has become her primary medium.  Nancy thrives on the vibrant colors and free-form flow of the paint/dye that the medium allows.

“Most people would be surprised to learn that I hate to draw!  So, I focus on simpler shapes and designs and lots of color.  I am passionate about PURPLE and use it as often as I can.

My distaste for drawing, and my passion for being outside and nature, led me to photography.  Now I can take my own photographs and use them for my silk designs.”

Nancy’s beautifully vivid designs currently reside on a new spinner rack in our front end.  Come in and browse for your favorite to brighten someone’s day!

Stay tuned for more HL Loves Local from Housewares, until then…


John, Housewares Buyer and lover of greeting cards