Healthy Living Loves Local: Poorhouse pies


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Poorhouse Pies is a home-based bakery located in Underhill, Vermont specializing in old-fashioned and inventive pies, doughnuts and pastries using simple and locally sourced ingredients.  Former New England Culinary Institute Chef Instructor Jamie Eisenberg and partner Paula Eisenberg, a professional baker, started Poorhouse Pies in the spring of 2009.

Poorhouse Pies gets local ingredients from neighbors who sell or barter for fresh eggs, rhubarb, apples and maple syrup.  Jamie and Paula have been long-time advocates for supporting sustainable and local resources. Poorhouse Pies offers wholesale to local markets and retail sales from their seasonal self-service “pie shed” at their bakeshop.  Their customer base is composed of neighbors, tourists and passersby.

Jamie and Paula deliver a beautiful selection of fresh pies to Healthy Living every Tuesday and Friday morning.  These pies are sure to be the perfect ending to your summertime meals.

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