Healthy Living Loves Local: Red Kite Candy

Here at Healthy Living, we have an incredible 25 feet of nutritional bars, chocolates, mints, gums, toffees, brittles, barks, licorices caramels and candies.   Suffice to say- we can satisfy your sweet tooth with high quality, natural ingredients that have received our seal of approval only after rigorous taste testing and quality assurance by our Buying team (you’re welcome!).

One such delight comes from the kitchen of Elaine McCabe in Thetford,VT.  Her company, Red Kite Candy, has been making award winning caramels and toffees for years, using only the highest quality ingredients from local sources whenever possible.  Her confections  use organic milk from Strafford Organic Creamery, butter from VT Butter and Cheese Creamery, and local maple syrup.  Stop on by and pick up a box of these incredible creations – Sea Salt, Chai and Maple caramels, or toffee in milk or dark chocolate.  We can promise that we’ve tried them all, and they’re all amazing!


For more information about Red Kite Candy, visit their website:



– Leo Zambrano, Grocery Manager