Healthy Living Loves Local: Shelburne Farms

SF cheese staff

Healthy Living loves Shelburne Farms! Just a few miles down the road, Shelburne Farms is a first and foremost a nonprofit sustainability education center. Started in the late 19th century and designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, Shelburne Farms boasts 1400 acres. Sustainability is practiced farm-wide and provides an educational model for students from Vermont, New England, and the world over.  We especially love the farmhouse cheddars Shelburne Farms has to offer. Brown Swiss Cows who live and graze on the estate provide the milk that, every morning, is loaded into the vats that begin the  labor-of-love “cheddaring” process. First, curds are formed; then, they’re pressed into large blocks and squeezed of excess whey. These dry loaves are then milled into crumbles, re-pressed, and aged for 6 months – 3 years. The different ages of the cheeses are apparent from first bite; the delicately mild creaminess of the 6 month stands in stark contrast to the nutty bold sharpness of the 3-year. Stop by the cheese counter and ask us for a slice- there’s a Shelburne Farms cheddar for everyone!

nate and cow SF resized
photos by Vera Chang