Healthy Living Loves Local – Spirited Living

Well folks, your friendly neighborhood Housewares Department is back with another exciting addition to HL Loves Local!  This time around in our fantastic new campaign to highlight some of the numerous local businesses that populate our shelves, I am so very pleased to introduce Spirited Living.

South Burlington based Spirited Living is a candle company that specializes in healthy palm wax candles for clean burning goodness. These babies are meticulously hand crafted with scents to inspire hope and well being.

Piloted by free spirits Heather Paine and Casey Webster, Spirited Living is more than a candle company, it’s also kind of like a hug for your soul.

“United by a predestined partnership, Casey & Heather have commited to living a balanced and blissful life by merging their spiritual & business practices. After long & amazing journeys dotted with many “human experiences” of their own, they each found solace & tremendous joy in creating within the light. Now these two multi-dimensional women find great pleasure in turning their gifts into yours.”

Their Journey Collection is a favorite of folks who frequent our candle land  (also, at 4×5″, these are a big hunk of candle if I may say) and the astute observer may notice that Spirited Living’s Journey candles look suspiciously like our very own Healthy Living Candles.  That would be because Spirited Living makes those too!

With inspired scents all over our candle department you are sure to find one that speaks to you.

Cheers and be well,

John, Housewares buyer and candle smeller