Healthy Living Loves Local: Stonewood Farm


Stonewood Farm has been raising quality Vermont Turkeys for 25 years in Orwell, VT. The farm has always been family owned and operated and is currently run by Peter Stone and Siegrid Mertens. Peter Stone is a lucky man to be able say he farms for a living – and not to say that farming necessitates a comfortable living, but many other passionate Vermont farmers supplement their income with second jobs, some full-time on top of the full-time farm work. Even in his case, Stone continues to recite the same mantra as the rest: “You don’t do it because you’re going to make a lot of money. The most rewarding part is being able to own my own farm and work outdoors while being able to do what I love to do.”

When Stonewood decided to move their focus from a cattle farm to a turkey farm, they started with just 300 birds. They now raise almost 30,000! Stonewood’s turkeys and turkey products are all natural – to them this means that their animals eat a completely vegetarian diet, made of soybeans and corn, with absolutely no animal fat, antibiotics or growth hormones involved.

The slow growth of the turkeys at Stonewood ensures a delicious, premium quality bird with a superior flavor and juiciness that is naturally self-basting!