Healthy Living Loves Local: Strafford Organic Creamery

HL’s Grocery Department is celebrating Strafford Organic Creamery of Strafford, VT during the Healthy Living Loves Local Campaign! They’re the real deal when it comes to local AND organic milk and ice cream, as they like to put it… “real people working real hard to bring you the best milk and ice cream on the planet.”

Strafford Organic Creamery is a one-farm, one-family dairy milking 50 (mostly) Guernsey Cows known for their rich, yellow cream. Earl Ransom and his wife Amy Huyffer manage this 600-acre farm organically- no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Everything done at Strafford Organic Creamery is focused on the comfort and well-being of the cows; helping them produce downright delectable milk and cream!

Strafford Organic Creamery offers skim, 1%, 2%, whole, chocolate and half-and-half, as well as non-homogenized, old-fashioned cream-line milk in reusable glass bottles!

Not only is this small creamery turning out delicious milk they’re also producing mouth-watering ice cream in small batches about once a week. Silky cream from their cows is blended with high quality organic ingredients such as handpicked mint and black raspberries and freshly ground coffee to create the “best ice cream on the planet!”

Our favorite Strafford Creamery flavors are classic vanilla and rich, creamy coffee! Celebrate local by stopping by Healthy Living and picking up a pint of this delicious ice cream; the perfect compliment to a warm summer night- you won’t be disappointed!


-Intern Extraordinaire