Healthy Living Loves Local: Tangletown Farm

Tangletown Farm is located in West Glover, Vermont where all their animals graze on, forage in and root through 188 acres of lush pasture. We love Tanglewood for many reasons, one is that they believe that all animals deserve to be raised without any hormones or antibiotics of any kind… so do we and that’s why we are happy to be able to offer their poultry on our shelves for you to enjoy.
tangletown farm
The poultry roam through grass, soak up the sun, and forage as much as they like. They are able to live the life that is natural to them.  “It gives us great pleasure to see our happy birds outside where they are happiest and healthy.”
You can really taste the difference with Tangletown’s poultry, the end result is a tender chicken, full of rich and juicy flavor! For more information on the farm itself, please check out their website here!