Healthy Living Loves Local: Ursa Major

Healthy Living Loves Local:  Ursa Major
What? You haven’t tried Ursa Major’s delicious skin care line?!  What they are calling supernatural skin care is actually very major, high quality, nourishing love for you face.  Designed for men (but used by women too), their face wash, toner, and fortifying balm stand tall in our boy care section.  Willow bark, carrot, fir needle oil, rosemary leaf oil, and myrtle are some of the premium ingredients that will protect and revitalize your skin during the season’s change in Vermont.  What’s not to love?  I even carry a travel size toner with me so that I can refresh with a nice spritz during the day!
The quality ingredients and slick packaging are not the only thing that make Ursa Major awesome…
Check out their website for more sweet stories like the one I’ve posted here:

“Our goal was to develop a beautiful natural product line that would outperform conventional chemical skin care, naturally nourish the skin (with minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, etc) and deliver a superior sensory experience (scent, texture, brand).  That’s why we call it ‘super natural’ skin care.We hope when folks use our products they’ll realize that shaving/grooming doesn’t have to be toxic drudgery, that in fact it can and should be an indulgent simple pleasure, right up there with eating your favorite foods or savoring your favorite artisan coffee, tea, chocolate, beer, etc.  It’s really about your level of awareness and how you look after yourself.”

These products really are a treat for your skin. They make great gifts and are an easy way to spread some local love for a body care connoisseur. We know you will love them as much as we do!