Healthy Living Loves Local – Way Out Wax

Hello friends!  One reason why the HL Loves Local initiative is so fun is because it gives us a chance to learn something new and interesting about local vendors we’ve been working with for years.  Case in point; I had no idea that Way Out Wax commander-in-chief Jim Rossiter got his start selling tie-dyed t-shirts at rock concerts!


North Hyde Park candle company Way Out Wax got its start in 1992 with a shop in downtown Burlington making their signature tie-dyed candles (natural transition from tie-dyed shirts I guess).  As the colorful candles gained popularity, Jim and co. became increasingly aware that the chemicals used to dye candles weren’t jiving with the healthy lifestyle they prided themselves in.  One bold move later, the dyes were bid farewell and W.O.W. partnered with a certified aromatherapist to begin developing the line of all-natural aroma therapy candles we know and love today.

Way Out Wax now offers an extensive line that has grown to include their awesome Bug Out products, natural bug deterrent candles and sprays which are all on sale here at HL for the duration of the summer!

Thanks for loving local with us, until next time.



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