Healthy Living welcomes a new local vendor: Michelle Moricone

Meesh's 600 single jar pic with photo credit

Here is Michelle’s story:

I have enjoyed cooking ever since I was a young girl watching my dad create magic in our kitchen. He would tell me how he learned what he knew from his father and that now, he was passing our family’s secrets to me. I am not sure how “secret” his recipes were but my father did teach me the basics of a great marinara sauce.

Since then, I have added a few “secrets” of my own. I have tried so many sauces on the market and have always felt they lack that fresh taste! Why can’t a jarred sauce taste fresh? So, out of frustration, “Meesh’s Marinara” was born!

It is my mission to support our local farms and businesses as much as possible. For me, the best tasting sauce comes from the finest ingredients. From the finest ingredients, comes fresh tasting sauce. THAT is Meesh’s Marinara

We carry both of Michelle’s sauces. All Natural and All Natural, No added Salt or Sugar.