Healthy Living Welcomes: Alex Crosier / Granola Lab

Meet Alex Crosier with Granola Lab

Alex Crosier describes herself as an “oats-centric person”. She developed an interest in making granola after observing a friend make some for her coffee shop. “I took it up as a challenge”, Crosier says, and she started experimenting with various combinations of ingredients. When she moved from Inwood to Brooklyn, her roommate not only ate all of her experiments, but encouraged her to start selling them as well.

Granola Lab was the result. The “lab” concept grew out of Crosier’s background as a neuroscience major. Her science background led her to recognize the similarities between cooking and lab work, the way that “experimenting with individual elements” and combining them in new ways can have unexpected results.

Her company remains a one-woman show, with Crosier sourcing as many organic ingredients as she can; actually making the granola, and packaging it for sale.

We currently carry four of her inventive granola formulations:

(Partial ingredient listing)

Cranberry Cashew Compound: cranberries, cashews & cloves
Get Gingersnapping: spicy ginger, molasses & sultana raisins
Elemental Formula: maple, pecans & orange
Activation Energy: coffee, chocolate & hazelnuts

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