Healthy Living Nutritionist’s Top 10

Only a handful of my favorite Healthy Living items!

1. Does’ Leap Farm Maple Kefir: helps to cultivate healthy gut bacteria to support proper immune function, all while tasting delicious.

2. Dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts: the perfect sweet treat that packs a punch of the super antioxidant, selenium

3. Magnesium glycinate supplement: nothing like a bad night of sleep to throw your whole day off… this helpful supplement can decrease stress and improve sleep patterns.

4. Cheese ends bin: it’s a great opportunity to try new cheeses and control portion sizes

5. Mortar and pestle: this is on the top of my Christmas list… I am determined to learn how to make traditional aioli! Along with fresh spice combinations, pestos, guacamole, and so, so much more

6. Vita Biosa, liquid probiotic: helps to support a healthy immune system and does wonders when it comes to digestion. The slightest bit of discomfort can be calmed with a small sip

7. Microplane grater/zester: the amount of lemon zest, ginger, and garlic I use in recipes has increased tenfold since introducing this gadget to my kitchen. Such a fun tool that can add a whole lot of life to dishes

8. Lacinato kale: since first trying Healthy Living’s kale salad recipe, lacinato kale is a constant staple in my grocery basket. Packed with nutrients and flavor, this kale is a winner in my book

9. Greeting cards: while you can’t eat them, pairing one of Healthy Living’s beautiful cards with a nice bottle of red wine or a fresh baguette with cheese and voila! You have the perfect gift to bring to your friend’s holiday party

10. Recipe cards: stop by the demo center and stock up! I love browsing through these cards to find cooking inspiration